Introduction to NSCSC

NSCSC – Introduction

With cyber security a hot topic on board agendas, the appetite has never been stronger for a safe space to learn and engage with fellow business owners on this ever-changing topic.

That is where the Norfolk and Suffolk Cyber Security Cluster (NSCSC) comes in. The vision for the cluster is to become a trusted source of advice on cyber and information security matters.

By providing a ‘safe forum’ for members to discuss issues, challenges and security incidents and helping to enable and empower businesses and business owners to take their cyber security in hand, the cluster members hope to promote the cause across Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

Bi-monthly regional events are being planned to provide useful, actionable insight as well as a chance to network with other, similar businesses to yours. Other events will include annual half-day workshops which will give access to free training and a chance to meet experts and security vendors.

How to get involved

The cluster is looking for new members – sign up here and follow us on Linked In.

They would also be keen to hear from potential sponsors and supporters as well as speakers – share your expertise, knowledge or experiences. In particular, if you feel able to share your experiences of a data breach, ransomware attack or similar please do get in touch.

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