Shocking Services

One of my day jobs is “Vulnerability scanning” on networked office and production systems – I am just stunned by the results I analyse. With GDPR recently introduced and €20 million fines for data breaches along with company reputations going down the toilet – you all need to get a grip.

The last scan job I completed (last week) was for a big manufacturing business with their IT system “fully supported” by (you guessed it) a large IT outfit – surprise …

  • 110 network devices reported back by the scanning software – with – 509 vulnerabilities found within the network
  • 44 “critical”, 209 set as “high” – 176 of the vulnerabilities had “known exploits available

Are you happy with your systems and the expensive support contracts you pay for, do you believe everything is okay? Will your IT support company pay the €20+ million fine on your behalf when you get breached? Or, are you one of the companies that would expect your “cyber insurance policy” to cover the fines? Get checked out now – before it’s too late

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